The hippocampe park was designed to minimize rainwater runoff towards the sea.

The vegetation planted (over 4,500 plants from the Mediterranean basin, as well as from South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand) was selected with the aim of quickly becoming independent of irrigation water, despite an unfavorable biotope (drought, heat, wind, sea salt, and poor soils). The amendment is based on the manure from our horses, and the selected treatments are kept to the strict minimum.

A water recovery system has been designed, and the heating utilizes geothermal energy.

Laundry treatment involves water-efficient machines and eco-friendly products. The bedroom linens are renewed at the guests' initiative, indicated by placing towels in the shower.

Waste production is controlled, including selective sorting and limiting plastics by using glass-bottled water and sparkling water from sodastream. Additionally, food waste is distributed between horses and chickens.